It’s 9:00 AM on a Saturday morning. I grab my phone from my side table and open up Facebook Messenger to see who might be awake. Hrm… my friend Diane messaged me.

J: Whatcha doing today?
D: Hopefully get some work done
J: Wanna go exploring instead?
D: I’m down hahah I could just work during the week

I’m a big advocate for spontaneous/surprise friend dates ever since my friend Hannah took me and another friend on a surprise trip to go berry picking. I was so excited Diane was down to go on a mystery trip with me!


My usual pal Amanda couldn’t join me this time, and unfortunately a lot of the planned park spots aren’t open until May. With no real plan in mind, I opened up Google Maps looked around to choose a spot. I based my decision purely on the fact that I was craving fish and chips. The winning spot ended up being a small town called Port Dover on Lake Eerie.

winner, winner, chicken dinner

It was a rainy morning in this tiny beach town, and we ended up at a restaurant by the water called The Beach House. We got a sweet view of the lake as we ate beer battered yellow perch & deep-fried smelt.


rain, rain, go away

Luckily the rain let up after we finished eating :)


We saw a cute lighthouse along the water not too far from where we ate, so of course we had to go and check it out. There were a few fishermen along the dock and we went around a small fence to get to the spot.


Apparently we weren’t supposed to be in there and almost got in trouble with the police on our way out. Whoops.




So we didn’t actually end up going to a park this time – but we tried – we went to Long Point, which is a neat looking peninsula-like extension on the map about 20 minutes away, and my car almost got stuck in mud heading into the conservation area. It was essentially all marshland in the middle of nowhere though, so I don’t think we missed out.


As a consolation, we yelped for ice cream and found Twin’s Ice Cream Parlor in Port Rowan on the way back up.


I met Diane four years ago at a Toronto Girl’s Longboarding event and we’ve been pals ever since. She always has good vibes and is always down for a good city skate! I’m glad I got the chance to shoot her on this spontaneous adventure (without our skateboards!)


Oh yeah, she’s also an incredible animator. You can check out some of her work here.


Make spontaneous surprise friend dates a thing!!

Locations: Port Dover, Port Rowan
Photos: Nikon D3400

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