On trip numero tres, Amanda and I, with no friends joining us, attempted Hamilton a second time to to see the falls. As per day-trip tradition, we went for brunch first. It was my first time in Hamilton and thanks to Instagram, I was able to find this gem of a brunch, Saint James Espresso Bar.

❤ ❤ ❤

Saint James Espresso Bar is the cutest little brunch spot with limited seating and a wait-time comparable to Toronto. It was about a 40 minute wait, so we decided to go exploring!

I love new city exploring! [Matching Background Series]
Unfortunately, most of the stores on the main strip were closed on Sunday, but we managed to find some great graffiti and ~aesthetic~ walls to get excited about and take photos in front of. We accidentally vest-twinned but also managed to wear the perfect colour combination of clothes for a Matching Background Series.

[Matching Background Series]
We soon got called back in and with only 5 items on the menu (one vegetarian option) I had avocado toast with bacon and home fries. It also had lentils and a perfect sunny side up egg. It was blessed (with three praying hands emojis). Their coffee was also spectacular and their espresso, strong.

just fuck me up

Full, and with coffee in our veins, we set off to Tiffany Falls (after being distracted by one last graffiti wall). Being a little overzealous, we paid for three hours of parking, only to find the trail was literally about 5 minutes long until you reached the falls – whoops.

“…that was fast…”

There were some cute bridges on this path, and I had ton of fun tromping through the ravine in my waterproof boots and being able to get to some good spots for a shot.

Amanda has a great eye for photography tbh.

We got incredibly lucky with the weather – sunny but still cold enough for the falls to be snow-laden and icy. The winter aesthetic was perfect – just what I had hoped for… last month.


I wanted to take more photos except I made the wrong decision in getting too close to the falls – the spray quickly obscured my ability to take anymore crisp photos soon after following Amanda in.


We originally wanted to go waterfall hopping since we were in “Waterfall Capital of the World” but after getting up close and personal with Tiffany, our dampness pushed us to end our day.

“goodbye, beautiful falls”

A quarter way through and on to the next!

Field Notes:
– Microfiber cloth for camera lens
– Avoid water.

Shout out to L.L. Bean for their amazing boots.
Photos: Nikon D3400
March 19, 2017

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