For our second park exploration adventure, we planned to go see some waterfalls in Hamilton. We soon realized that although it was the most perfect gorgeous warm winter day, it was probably not warm enough for the falls to be fully melted, so instead, we spontaneously made a decision to go to Rattlesnake Point Conservation area in Milton.

“…We must be at this fork here” “I’m pretty sure we’re where the map says ‘you are here’”
“…We must be at this fork here” “I’m pretty sure we’re where the map says ‘you are here’”

We’re quickly realizing that we are not exactly the most competent outdoors-women – that’s to say we kind of got lost in the parking lot and couldn’t read a map properly to find the entrance to the trails. Each trip we’re learning something to take away for the next. This time we thought to to read and notice trail markers so we don’t accidentally get lost in the woods forever.


Ten minutes into our “hike” we came across a moss patch. Suffice to say, we were enthralled by this moss patch and it was the highlight of our day. Maybe it’s the excitement of seeing something green again.. but really, I think moments like this just reinforce why we are best friends.

Such green, much soft.

It was also really muddy. Boots were a good choice.

“What a great sound *squish squish*”

We hiked for maybe 30 minutes before we sat down on a bench overlooking the escarpment to chat for another 45 minutes. We didn’t get very far in the 1.7 km trail but it was the most gorgeous sunny #springvibes day.

“This view isn’t very aesthetic”

After soaking up some sun rays, we decided to return to our lovely moss patch to get a few more photos before heading out. What we thought would be a few minutes turned into a full-fledged photoshoot because the 5 PM sun was on point.

“Okay, go lie down on the moss”

I’m starting to learn that I might not actually particularly enjoy the act of hiking per se, but I seem to enjoy it more as an excuse for some good conversations and a backdrop for photography and some creative expression.

“Okay, touch the moss lovingly”

Maybe if we go to some parks that had more sights to see, or a peak and end goal to reach, it would be more exciting and satisfying to actually hike or do the full trail.


At this point, it started to get cold and we were tight on time because I had a dinner to rush to, but our last lesson of the day was that the key to natural-looking model poses is being completely exhausted and annoyed at the photographer.


On to the next!

Photos: Nikon D70S